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Lopifit Celebrates National Walking Day

Walking is great for exercise and transportation and the Lopifit allows you to walk but commute much faster, traveling up to 17 MPH! The Lopifit is an electric bike combined with a treadmill, the world’s only electric walking bike. Lopifit US are proud members of the American Heart Association and the Lopifit bike is not only fun to ride but proven to decrease risk of heart disease and stroke, providing high cardio burn with low physical impact.

The first Wednesday in April is annually celebrated as National Walking Day” sponsored by the American Heart Association and Lopifit proudly supports this awesome holiday next week, April 5th. Join the initiative and try to walk as much as possible; to work and on errands, get up and move around at the office and take the dog and family for an evening walk. According to the AHA, walking just 30 minutes a day will significantly lower your risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. In addition, walking a half hour a day will help maintain body weight, enhance mental well-being, reduce risk of osteoporosis, cancer and more.

Many cities and communities across the country are supporting more active, eco-friendly lifestyles and transportation options to help improve overall quality of life while addressing transportation challenges. Lopifit bikes can help get you from point A to point B while exercising, speeding  past traffic and earth-friendly too – the Lopifit runs off of a Samsung rechargeable lithium-ion battery! Public transportation organizations are working with city engineers and non-profit groups to design, build, manage and maintain everything related walking, biking and other roadway networks. These crews ensure that sidewalks and bike lanes have proper signs, signals and markings and that they are wide enough and with proper lighting. Click here for a list of walk friendly communities across the US; or apply for one if your community is not on the list to have your area assessed and improved or safer walking/ biking!

Walk and roll to a healthier, happier you on the Lopifit! Visit us online at www.TheWalkingBike.com or call 850-550-9988. Applications are now being accepted for US Lopifit dealer and rental locations, click here to apply and invest in this innovative product that literally “stands apart” in the e-bike industry!

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