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Lopifit Joins Florida’s 30A Mobility Project

Lopifit, the electric walking bike, is honored to be recognized and included among other eco-friendly mobility products and initiatives around the world working to provide safer, cleaner and more enjoyable communities by overcoming transportation challenges.

The Lopifit bike is great for you and the community! Riding the Lopifit to commute while exercising daily will keep you fit, less stressed and possibly saves you time and money while enjoying the outdoors. The Lopifit electric bike is a treadmill and bike combined – walking with an electric assist from Samsung rechargeable lithium ion battery providing an earth friendly alternative to fuel while working out!

This week, Lopifit US participated in the #30AMobility Project in Northwest Florida, hosted by world renowned, Seaside Institute in collaboration with research firm, the International Transportation innovation Center (ITIC).  The #30AMobility Project was created by Seaside founder, Robert Davis designed to work with local residents, homeowners, visitors, employers and employees, international experts, community representatives, Dewberry | Preble-Rish, HNTB, ITIC, Walton County, the State of Florida and the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity – is implementing the #30AMobility project. Featuring connected, self-driving, and emission-free vehicles, #30AMobility will increase convenience while reducing congestion and emissions; improving the lives of the people in the extended community in Northwest Florida.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is funding the Project Development and Environment (PD&E) Study for SR 30A/US 98/Panama City Beach Parkway in Bay County.  The intent of this study is to develop transportation solutions along SR 30A/US 98/Panama City Beach Parkway from Mandy Lane to Thomas Drive Intersection. This includes vehicular and multi-modal traffic, emergency evacuation enhancement, and intersection traffic operations improvements to meet future travel demands while minimizing impacts to the surrounding environment. The study will contain assessments of future traffic projections, regional mobility, social and economic factors, and environmental impacts and enhancements. The proposed improvements will consist of widening SR 30A/US 98/Panama City Beach Parkway to six lanes and the inclusion of sidewalks and bicycle lanes on both sides of the roadway.

ITIC is currently involved in Florida’s 30A Corridor with the Seaside Institute providing a testbed that connects multiple beach communities to validate on-demand, multi-modal transportation concepts including the use of automated and zero-emission vehicles. The road and parking structure as well as the communication and grid infrastructure is actually modified to support the mobility solutions in new urban communities, such as Seaside, which suffer severe traffic and parking congestion, especially during peak tourism seasons.

The 30A Mobility Project has short term and long term goals to offer solutions immediately while working towards bigger goals for the future. Lopifit bikes were introduced for personal mobility, and applicable to both short and long term goals to alleviate traffic, parking issues while encouraging personal fitness and green mobility…while having fun! Seaside is a tourist town and although transportation challenges are all over the world, on vacation we want to have fun while beating traffic…why not ride a Lopifit to have fun, workout and get through traffic while parking at a bike rack by the beach.

Lopifit was presented as a micro mobility candidate in the study, along with Ojo. In addition, the study invited autonomous vehicles, Olli and Proterra along with industry expert engineers from Cisco, IBM, Intel, Local Motors and more. Lopifit US corporate headquarters are located in Destin, Florida in the same community as this exciting project gaining recognition all over the world.

This week’s #30AMobility workshop culminated over three days with demonstrations, presentations, brainstorming and more. Lopifit is proud to be a part of this amazing project and looks forward to the concepts that will be implemented and products introduced. We hope to work with ITIC and the Seaside Institute to build a safer, happier community!

Lopifit is working towards involvement in as many studies to promote better mobility in communities while providing fun and fitness too, please let us know of upcoming opportunities by emailing info@LopifitUS.com.

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