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Lopifit US Excitedly Announces Shipment of 2017 Modified Lopifit Bikes

Lopifit US celebrates our 2nd year as exclusive Lopifit distributors of the Americas this month and along with the celebration we have received the newest models this week! Lopifit is a treadmill and electric bike combined offering the most unique way of moving – offering transportation, fitness and fun all in one. Lopifit is a treadmill-engaged, motor-assisted bike with a sensor that registers the movement of the treadmill, which will activate the motor and continue as long as you keep walking. The Lopifit offers full body engagement with low impact but high calorie and high cardio – a great alternative to the traditional bike with seats and pedals for riders with pain, injuries and disabilities preventing bike rides. But the main reason for Lopifit popularity is JOY!

The Lopifit bike was invented 6 years ago by Bruin Bergmeester in the Netherlands with the intent to bring his treadmill workout outdoors and on the go! The Lopifit bike has spread worldwide and rapidly growing across the United States with dealers and riders – view map here. Since coming to the states, the Lopifit has been featured on numerous publications, online blogs and articles, gone viral several times on social media and showcased on ABC’s Good Morning America and CBS’s Henry Ford Innovation Nation as well as participated in Surf Expo and Ciclovia and many more.

The Lopifit is a blast to ride to all ages; we have owners age 7-70 walking and rolling on the Lopifit. In addition, the Lopifit offers a great solution to many commuting challenges including tourist destinations, college campuses and urban areas as the Lopifit bike is permitted on bike lanes allowing you to pass traffic and can be parked anywhere! Plus, the Lopifit is powered by a Samsung lithium ion rechargeable battery making the Lopifit earth friendly while saving cash on gas, parking and car maintenance. The unexpected and most rewarding benefits to the Lopifit bike are the  countless testimonies of happiness and renewed hope that the Lopifit has brought them; unable to ride bikes due to pain, illness, surgery and diseases.

The Lopifit is good for you and the environment! Studies show just 30 minutes walking per day will significantly reduce diabetes, increase cardio health keeping you fit and healthy. Riding the Lopifit bike to run errands, commute or just for fun will reduce stress and increase mental clarity while enjoying the outdoors. The Lopifit has 6 adjustable gears reaching speeds up to 17 MPH and the battery runs up to 60 miles per charge making the Lopifit a viable and fun way to travel.

The latest shipment has just arrived to the US and we are excited to ship to anxious customers and dealers all over the country. The latest Lopifit model has an upgraded motor with a 33% grade increase sustaining speeds at a 17 degree incline making hills easier to ride keeping pace while leisurely walking. The new Lopifit US models are equipped with a disc brake system ensuring tighter slowing and stopping going downhill. Lopifit US is now accepting applications for exclusive Lopifit dealers and rental locations, please apply here.

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    1. Hi Craig! Thanks for your interest in the Lopifit, electric walking bike. The 3rd generation model has several upgrades that we feel will make the riding experience all the more fun and memorable. We will be releasing all of the details in a blog post regarding our latest shipment. One of those upgrades is a new and improved digital display on the handlebars to adjust gears, track distance, monitor speed and battery charge level. Schedule a test ride and see what the hype is all about! Thanks and take care – The Lopifit US Team

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