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Lopifit US Supports Bike Safety

The League of American Bicyclist celebrates May as “Bike Month” and in addition has organized National Bike Safety Month as a way to raise awareness of the benefits of riding your bike, as well as encourage proper bike safety while “Making Biking Better“. Lopifit US supports the League and other non profit initiatives across the countries and the communities that are working to promote bike safety. Through city planning and bike path infrastructures added, updated and maintained along with lighting, bike parking racks, etc to encourage more bike riding and healthier communities.
Lopifit is an electric bike and treadmill combined. Walking on the Lopifit alerts the motor and the rider can adjust the gears to reach speeds of 17 MPH. The Lopifit is an eco friendly alternative to cars and fun way to commute. The Lopifit provides low impact, high cardio exercise allowing you to walk with ease but at speed making the Lopifit a viable mode of transportation for work, errands and fun! The Lopifit runs off a rechargeable lithium ion battery lasting around 50 miles per charge. While enjoying the outdoors, and staying fit – riding the Lopifit will save you money on fuel, parking and you’ll zoom past traffic.
Lopifit US encourages riders to follow all local and state bike safety laws and as a whole encourages personal measures always including wearing helmets, bike lighting, mirrors and other accessories assisting in bike rider safety. Lopifit is an electric bike and permitted to ride on bike lanes/ paths as opposed to vehicles that are over 20 MPH are classified to street bikes that need registration, insurance and stuck in traffic.
For more information on your state’s bike laws click here. Take part in celebrating the rest of Bike Month and get outdoors this weekend and ride…walk and roll on the Lopifit for the most unique bike ride of your life. www.TheWalkingBike.com

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