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Spring into 2nd Quarter on the Lopifit

How’s that New Year Resolution going? Did you fall off the “wagon” and stop the diet, fitness routine and start up those bad habits again?

Take the opportunity of spring to restart, and renew those goals. As we begin the second quarter of 2017 with promises of warmer temperatures and longer days, seize the season to get back on track of a healthier, happier you. Our solution…The Lopifit, the world’s only electric walking bike combining a treadmill and bike to make fitness, fun!

The Lopifit bike is as easy as a walk in the park offering low impact riding with high cardio and high calorie burn exercise. The Lopifit is constructed without a seat and no pedals to be healthier on riders suffering from joint issues, illnesses and chronic pain, offering an alternative to the traditional bike. Many Lopifit riders have submitted amazing testimonies praising the Lopifit for therapeutic attributes; mainly boosting their self esteem bringing hope back to their lives through riding again. The Lopifit bike has been acknowledged by doctors and patients with cancer, arthritis, and more for bringing relief and best of all joy!

Lopifit US are proud members of the American Heart Association and supports their initiative to walk at least 30 minutes per day to considerably reduce risk of stroke and diabetes while lowering blood pressure and increasing circulation for a healthy heart and body. Studies show that beyond the physical benefits to walking and exercising (lowering rates of osteoporosis, cancer and weight loss) that just 30 minutes per day will provide mind clarity, decrease stress and heighten moods…especially spent outdoors exercising on the Lopifit instead of indoors at a gym!

The Lopifit bike is constructed with a solid steel frame of Shimano parts with an electric assist from 350V Samsung lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Investing in a Lopifit comes with a two year manufacturer’s warranty and will save you money on fuel and be good to the earth too! Walk & Roll on the Lopifit to run errands and make your daily commute or just have fun- while burning calories. There are six adjustable gears allowing you to speed past traffic and bike riders, walkers up to 17 MPH and the battery runs up to 40 hours on a charge making the Lopifit perfect for both work and play!

The Lopifit bike turns heads everywhere and you will sure to be noticed, and could make money of the attention. Lopifit US has a referral program for all Lopifit US riders set up to reward owners of bikes for giving test rides and commissions of a Lopifit sale. Be a “spokes”person as a Lopifit US “Rider Rep” representing the Lopifit (and earn some cash) while riding to work, having fun and exercising too – it’s a win/ win!

Check us out at www.TheWalkingBike.com and 850-550-9988 for more information on the most unique bike that guarantees fun while providing transportation and fitness too!

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